Fresh Forward Hypnotherapy & Coaching 

Run by Emily Hall, Hypnotherapist & Behaviour Change  Specialist

Rapid, permanent change in a single 90-minute session

Together we will...

  • Help you understand the simple rules of the mind and how it really works leading to permanent, powerful transformation
  • Empower you at the subconscious, emotional level to address, and let go of, the trauma you've been holding onto for many years
  • Rewire your mind with new, positive beliefs thereby delivering rapid, long-lasting change 

Sessions tailored individually to you get to the true heart of the problem

  • Discover how your unwanted behaviour is protecting you from what's really going on
  • Find out what's really stopping you from changing your bad habits  

Big changes made quickly help you:

  • Change your unhelpful ways of thinking
  • Adopt new mental tools to break bad habits once and for all
  • See new opportunities
  • Live the life you deserve
  • Transform your life forever

Help with all types of issues

...but particularly specialist in:

Make your fresh start today and move forward to the life you deserve



"Emily's sessions helped me lose weight, I'd recommend her to everyone. I'm still using the technique she taught me with great success. Thank you Emily x "



"I was diagnosed with anxiety in January 19 and really struggled to control it, I started sessions with Emily soon after...she helped me take that control back and I feel great...thank you Emily for your help and support X"