What you're saying about Fresh Forward Hypnotherapy...


"I was diagnosed with anxiety in January 19 and really struggled to control it, I started sessions with Emily soon after...she helped me take that control back and I feel great...thank you Emily for your help and support X"


"Emily takes a gentle approach asking questions subtly to gather information and make you feel comfortable. I disclosed my childhood abuse to her and she highlighted my key issue is one of rejection. This features throughout my life and it was a light bulb moment. Rejection not just by family but also rejection of myself by myself, sadly. Emily has offered healing for these past traumas and I feel excited and optimistic that it will work. Thanks Emily, you're truly inspiring."



"Emily's sessions helped me lose weight, I'd recommend her to everyone. I'm still using the technique she taught me with great success. Thank you Emily x "



"Emily worked with me last year on a weight loss course I attended and it was absolutely brilliant and I still use some of the techniques I learned ".



"I loved it because it [the course] gave me tools to change my bad habits, start new routines, exercise more and feel more confident. "Thanks to this course I started to have a more healthy lifestyle, it's only the beginning but I feel more confident that introducing small changes I'll improve my health - thanks!"



"Emily did a treatment for me on smoking. 

I wasn't sure if this will work as I had many other ways to try and give up and I was a heavy smoker. I am a non smoker since her treatment and I know there is no way I ever want to go back again!! Being free and not craving nicotine is the best thing !! Thank you so much Em, I think of you as my lifesaver".

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