Revolutionary 6 session hypnotherapy weight loss programme based in Hove

Imagine being the weight that you want to be and having complete control over your eating. 

Follow my six session weight loss programme and you can have exactly that. Through hypnotherapy and other therapeutic approaches I will help you to:

  • Discover how your unwanted behaviour is protecting you from what's really going on
  • Learn how to change your unhelpful ways of thinking to become stronger with your mind
  • Find out what's really stopping you from changing your destructive behaviour 
  • Free yourself from emotional eating as we revisit the first times you ever emotionally over ate and heal those times forever
  • Live to your full potential and see new opportunities
  • Adopt tried and tested mental tools to break your bad eating habits once and for all
  • Make big changes in a small space of time to transform your life forever
I've struggled with my own weight issues in the past so I know how difficult it is to make that first step but once you do you won't regret it. Hypnotherapy helped me with my emotional eating and I hope I can now help you on your weight loss journey. Please scroll down the page to find out more about my revolutionary weight loss programme and see what what other happy customers are saying about it.



"Emily's sessions helped me lose weight, I'd recommend her to everyone. I'm still using the technique she taught me with great success. Thank you Emily x "



"I lost 13lbs in 6 weeks!"


What you'll get in the 6 sessions

Below is a guideline of the six sessions but please note it is a guideline only, each session is tailored individually to you to ensure you get the best outcome possible so your six weeks may not be exactly as described.

Session one

Our first session together will be spent getting to know you and the struggles you've had losing weight. I'll ask you about your current eating habits and we'll look at past and present patterns of behaviour as well as how food and eating was seen when you were a child. We'll discuss whether you've had any experience of hypnotherapy or not and I'll ask you to think about what life would be like for you at your ideal weight.

I'll then teach you a powerful technique under hypnosis to help you stop wanting to over eat and how to become much stronger when you have those food cravings.

As a takeaway exercise I'll ask you to keep a note of everything you eat over the next week which we'll look at together in session two.

Session two

The beginning of session two will be spent discussing how the previous week has gone - how helpful you've found the technique learnt in the previous week and how valuable the food diary has been in making you become more mindful in what you're eating. We'll look at patterns of over eating which may show up in your food diary and discuss triggers for over eating and how to overcome them.

Under hypnosis I'll guide you to make wiser food choices through positive visualisations and suggestions.

Session three

As before, the first part of our session will be spent discussing how the previous week has gone.

Next we'll look at creating a timeline of key significant events / situations where you began your over eating (usually in childhood) and the feelings that your over eating is providing for you. This will all be completed under hypnotherapy. We'll look to complete your timeline in one session but as everyone has different experiences, with some people having more times that come to the forefront than others, this timeline work may continue into session four.

Session four

During session four we'll discuss how the week has been since we completed your timeline and you delved into some of the feelings that your overeating is providing you. If we didn't complete the timeline work in session three then we'll do so in this session.

Then the exciting bit comes - the healing part. This is where we tackle your internal family systems under hypnotherapy working through each and every scenario you've provided in your timeline. Each scenario takes time to work through and it's important that we don't rush this work so this is likely to continue into session five and even six.

Session five

Once again we'll discuss how the previous week has been and what you've found easy or difficult now we've started tackling the healing work. We'll also look at the impact this has had on your eating habits.

Next we'll return to the internal family systems work under hypnotherapy and we'll either complete the work in this session or continue it in session six.

Session six (final session)

Our final session starts off with the usual discussion of how the previous week has been - what your thoughts are, how you're feeling, what impact the previous weeks have had on your eating habits etc.

If we didn't complete the timeline work in session five then we'll do so in this session. We'll talk about exercise and under hypnosis I'll guide you to become more motivated to exercise through positive visualisations and suggestions.

To ensure continued success on your weight loss journey we'll discuss obstacles you're likely to face over the coming weeks and months and how best to tackle them.

Finally you'll have a chance to ask any last minute questions before you venture out into the world as the beautiful new you.

Ready to become the beautiful new you?